Printing for Aged Care and Disability Services

The Support You Need 

Living with a disability is difficult for anyone, whether they are 10 or 65 years old. You could or might not be receiving assistance, and your requirements may have changed. Some programs provide care and support whether you require assistance at home or care for someone who does.

The support includes the appropriate type of housing for people with disabilities so they can live comfortably and receive all the assistance they require with their daily activities.

National Disability Insurance Scheme Has the Solution 

You may be eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) if you are over 7 years old and under 65 years old and have a permanent disability that requires assistance.

Decision-making Controls for Sustainability — National Disability Insurance  Scheme Access | Australian National Audit Office

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was created to assist Australians aged 7 to 65 who are living with a disability. Its goal is to help people in remaining in the community or in other settings that are appropriate for their age.

They make life easier for those with disabilities by providing all of the support they require, as well as accommodations to help them live a better life.

A Perfect Solution

Print media offers the perfect solution for all your printing needs. You can get your services listed and posted to your target audience in the form of a brochure or flyers which makes it easier for people to be aware of the services provided by you as an NDIS service provider.

You may also wish to print guide-books and printed compilations of FAQs for NDIS participants that are availing your services.

Colour Printers: Your Ultimate Printing Partner

People with disabilities, or those who require elderly care, should be informed of what the government and other commercial agencies have to offer in terms of benefits and assistance for their particular needs as an individual with disability.

Although the internet has connected individuals all over the world, it still cannot reach people who do not have access to the internet or who are not very active on it. These individuals may not find services for their unique circumstances online and hence miss out on great opportunities that the government offers through this scheme.

Furthermore, your aged care facility or an organisation that provides support and assistance to people with disability may miss out on potential clients. Online advertising is, without a doubt, very effective, but it may not reach your target audience. And if it doesn’t catch your target audience, then what good does it serve? 

Print media, on the other hand, can play a vital role here.

Print Media Offers Much More 

Print media, unlike digital advertising, can provide consistent visual impact rather than disappear from view after being displayed electronically.. In actuality, it is passed from one person to another and re-examined before being thrown out or recycled.  You can benefit from having your ad seen by more people, more often, because of its long shelf life.

A Guide to the Different Types of Outdoor Signage Advertising for Your  Business - CR&A Custom, Inc.

Signage such as banners, acrylic signs, pop-up displays, and even car stickers can be used to promote your services. And the cherry on top is that the advantages they provide much outweigh those of online advertising.

Advantages of Print Media 

While digital has become increasingly significant in the dissemination and advertising of information, prints continue to have a more significant influence. People may feel a message or a person’s presence when they create something more concrete and physical. That is why billboards and handouts continue to exist.

  1. Increased Visibility

Print media has higher visibility and is more likely to be seen by the intended audience. A banner or acrylic sign may appeal to people more than internet advertisements, and hence they are more inclined to engage with them.

  1. Best Way to Target Your Local Audience 

It’s the ideal way to convey your message or advertise your brand if you’re a local business or organisation. To raise awareness among the local population, pass out pamphlets in public places and have your adverts published in local newspapers.

  1. It Builds Trust with Your Target Audience.

According to research, print media is one of the most trusted media outlets. Since people buy from trustworthy individuals, print media advertising can generate more sales than any other medium.

  1. It Outperforms Digital Ads in Terms of Return On Investment.

Print material is frequently kept at home, re-read, and shared. Newspapers and periodicals found in doctor’s offices, libraries, and public areas have a long shelf life, increasing the exposure of your ad. Print ads have a better chance of sticking than digital ads, which go away quickly.

Print Media Solves the Problem of Short Life Span 

Print material, unlike the internet, has a longer shelf life. Brochures and flyers can be picked up, put down, and referred to instead of spending a few seconds on a site and then moving on. They can also be sent to friends or co-workers, increasing their reach.

Flyer Marketing: 25 Places to Distribute Your Flyer for Maximum Exposure |  Little Dragon Media

It doesn’t stop there; according to recent statistics, frustrated internet users may not spend time viewing an internet ad due to the overabundance of online advertisements. Print media, on the other hand, may appeal to the public since it is tactile, and there is less saturation in the print media market.

Furthermore, if your advertising is appealing enough, it will attract more people than you planned and, as a result of its aesthetics, may have the potential to become viral.

The Key Outcomes 

People with disabilities and the senior adults require assistance to continue living their best lives.

In order for people to notice you as a supportive agency, you must have a prominent presence. And the only way to get people to see your services is to publicise them.

And what’s better than traditional print media?

It can be aimed at people of all ages and has the advantage of reaching the intended audience at scale. As a result, it is critical that you invest in more robust advertising, one that is tangible and can be retained for a more extended period. People who are in desperate need of your services may finally find relief as you connect with them and offer them support, subject to their eligibility under the NDIS.

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