4 Design Tips for Creating Your Own Business Cards

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Today, amidst our pandemic-stricken world, most transactions and negotiations are conducted online. Because of this, we’re inclined to believe that printed materials such as business cards are obsolete and do not have much value to offer.

But here’s the reality: sooner or later, we’ll all be back outside, catching up on life (of course when it’s safe to go out) and the use for business cards will surely come back. Even right now, a lot of online entrepreneurs still leverage business cards as an indispensable part of their branding.

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Whether you are a freelance professional, a small business owner, or an employee, business cards will continue to depict how you and your organization intend to serve the rest of the world.

The Value of a Business Card

Business cards serve as handy billboards for your organization or business. They’re great for brand awareness, advertising, sales, and most essentially, for carrying relevant contact information so the right people could reach you.

Since business cards represent us, our companies, and organizations, no less, making a great first impression could all depend on getting this pocket-sized marketing tool right.

In case you find yourself creating and designing your own business cards, here are 4 essential tips that could help make the process a lot manageable (especially if you’re not a designer or a creative expert).

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1.       Ensure Your Logo and Brand’s Colour Palette First

If you’re a new business, having an official logo and a brand color palette are necessary. Your logo needs to be visible on your business card and your brand color palette usually dictates your card’s theme and the rest of its design elements.

Always get these two things sorted out first. When you have them in place, the process of creating your business card will become easier.

2.       Your Preferred Shape and Size

Business cards come in different shapes and sizes. There’s no limit to your imagination when it comes to your card’s shape or size.

A lot of companies today put a premium on creatively crafting cards that stand out because let’s face it: in a sea of similar business cards that people exchange and receive regularly, the most creative ones will surely capture the curiosity and attention of most people.

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3.       Figure out what information to include in it

As creative your card’s design should be, so does your content. There’s always more than enough information to be included in the business cards, but are they always relevant to you or your company?

If you’re a business owner mainly looking for leads to grow your business, a card that communicates your main products or services ought to be essential. If you’re an accountant mainly handing out a card for existing clients to reach you, specifying you’re from the Finance industry and indicating your position should also be seen in your card.

But sometimes, less could also mean more when it comes to business cards. It’s all about figuring out the main purpose for creating it so that you can gauge how effective making one for yourself or your business is.

4.       Ensure Readability Before Sending it to Production

Business cards are like pocket-sized brand ambassadors that speak to other people about us. At any time, it may even land in someone’s hands, without you necessarily meeting that person face-to-face. And because of this, design and content that’s strategically put together could ultimately make or break a brand.

When you finally figure out your design, what information to include in it, your colors, and all the other elements in your card, there’s one thing you absolutely must never forget to do just before you send out your final artwork for production by your local printer.

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Do not fail to secure a color proof or at least print out a single piece of card in its actual size for your reference. You’ll be surprised to find that many times, the design on your computer may not necessarily be the same on the actual printed card. Doing this step will help you determine if the colors, the design, and most especially your chosen typeface is effective in conveying important contact information. It doesn’t help to use the most beautiful font when it’s not legible. You need a font that is clear and readable enough on the face of a small business card when printed.

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Whatever stage you are at in the design or printing process, Color Printers is here to make it easier for you. A printing services in Sydney that’s been in existence since 2012, our mission is to create, inspire, and delight you with prints that are sure to captivate your eyes and ensure they are suited to their function.

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