How Can Print Improve Your Events

When it comes to planning events, the goal is to throw an impactful occasion. While everything has now gone digital, print still remains one of the tested mediums to expand your event’s reach and boost engagement among your attendees.

Your event’s audience reach and engagement will ultimately determine the impact of your event. Successfully leaving a lasting impression on your audience will evidently generate buzz around it leading to feedback, conversions, or even sales.  If you want your event to be a success on the audience engagement front, here’s how print can help you achieve that.

Advertise your event offline with streamers and banners

Banners and streamers are a traditional advertising medium. This is a cost-effective method of promoting your event at a reasonable cost when you print it in bulk. Event banners are effective because they capture your audience’s attention in the real world. Despite the advent of online advertising, offline print remains because physical banners are the easiest way to reach an audience in the real world and at the same time it’s cost-efficient.

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For a high-quality finish, use a mesh or high-grade vinyl with a printing resolution of 1440DPI

Personalise your invite with direct mail

Direct mailing is still as powerful as ever even in the age of e-invites, online registration and sign-ups. Nowadays, an email competes with hundreds of other emails in a recipient’s inbox, and this lessens the chance of capturing the attention of a potential ticket buyer or customer. Meanwhile, a personalised printed invitation mailed directly to a recipient’s doorstep or mailbox  will be noticed immediately and it will feel more personal in this day and age when people would just text and email. Nothing says “you are invited” better than a printed invite, and this piece of card can also serve as a ticket to your event.

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When looking for a print company that can fulfil your direct mail printing needs, find one that can also carry out the mailing. Some print companies work with specific postal services and they can mail the invites for you at an additional cost.

Engagement corner using print materials

It’s common nowadays for events to have their own photo corner with a wallpaper of their brand logo used as a backdrop – a media wall. It’s a good way to promote an event online using print since most of these photos will be uploaded on social media by the people attending the event.

Other than that, photo booths with selfie frames can also give extra engagement and brand promotion.  Selfie frames can be printed and machine cut to your preferred form and printed with your logo and branding. It offers a wide printed space for your logo and message, making it ideal for campaigns, especially when social media involvement is a primary goal.

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A media wall is the most convenient backdrop for this purpose. You can set it up easily, and store it when not in use. For long term events, this type of backdrop is the most practical, functional, and efficient!

Venue branding

There are various ways to decorate your venue to make it represent your brand or the theme of your event. Banners, roller banners, product stands, and event counters are the go-to materials for most events because they’re portable and easy to dispose of.  Couple these with branded table covers made of printed fabrics, your venue will resonate your brand from inside and out.

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For your information

Wall graphic printing is not a simple printing job, but it’s commonly used not just in events but even in office spaces. This is a practical and swift way to add a temporary graphic design to a wall. It can be a bit costly, but the end product is a high-quality graphic print and it can be any design you wish.

Should you want to add more accent to your event and actually make it your own, wall printing can help you achieve that look and feel.

Be remembered with a business and postcards

Don’t forget to remind participants about forthcoming events, ask them to sign up for your newsletter, or ask them to participate in a survey. Postcards and event-related flyers will be useful for this purpose, and they can also serve as a reminder for them of your event’s core message even after the event.

Souvenirs are also a good way to further promote your event or brand, and this is a very common practice. Prints such as stickers and postcards can be good promotional material, not only is it inexpensive and easily customisable, but they can also double as an advertising medium for your brand.

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You can also consider printed cardboards that people could fold into useful or fun products like hats, bags, boxes, or toys if you really want to stand out

There are more prints involved in running events than most people realise. As long as there are physical events, there will always be a need for physical prints. There are also a wide variety of print products made for events, each with its own set of purpose or use. If you’re constantly organising events, one of the suppliers that you should first look into is a reliable printing service – it can make or break your event!

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