How Prints Remain Significant in the Age of Digital Events

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For more than a year of being cooped up inside our homes, living the majority of our lives virtually as we minimized contact outside, we’ve learned to adapt to many things. We’ve gotten used to holding meetings via Zoom, attending online webinars, and sustaining our day-to-day life from the comfort of our living spaces.

And if your work involved events, Covid-19 may have heavily affected you the past year. Although it may have forced you to thrive digitally, don’t be too quick at dismissing the value of print materials and how they play a significant role in enhancing the quality of your events – even online ones.

We may all have turned to the online space for most of the logistical aspects of creating a successful event in the past year, but let’s admit it, our audiences have never been so digitally fatigued, and attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. When it comes to creating a lasting impression and establishing brand recall and awareness for our target market, old-fashioned printing has truly never been more attractive to event planners and marketers.

Here are 4 value-added benefits of printed materials for events, whether they are held online or with in-person attendees; those that have been gradually coming back.

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  1. Custom wedding canvas prints create permanent memories and evoke meaningful emotions for attendees of a digital wedding.

There is a first time for everything, especially since the onset of Covid-19. Among a long list of uncommon experiences that have turned out to be more familiar to us is the trend of digital weddings. Being invited to a wedding in the past used to include travelling, dressing up, and getting fancy for the occasion. After all, a wedding is a personal milestone and an emotional event even for the friends and families who witness it.

But with the changes in the trend more recently, there’s even more value that prints can bring to a wedding. Custom wedding canvas prints as souvenirs create a lasting memory of a very special moment for the friends and families of a newly-wed couple. Receiving printed invites and tangible souvenirs are a great way to amplify a very positive experience, even if it is presently limited to a screen.

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  1. Printed collateral such as brochures and magazines can solidify branding.

Whether you’re an expo planner, a marketer, or a digital event organizer, printed collateral can enhance your participants’ overall experience of the event. This could come in the form of a tangible book, a magazine, a printed flyer, or a glossy brochure that amplifies their experience whilst attending the event via their screens. Because printed collateral is something they can keep long after the event has finished, they no doubt serve a more purposeful role in events and help to solidify branding.

Printed events collateral offer tremendous value as its visual impact can make or break an event or brand completely. When it communicates your brand’s purpose effectively, this creates a lasting and favourable impression of your brand as it gets etched in your audience’s memory permanently. And with enough real estate space to communicate your message in print (through brochures, magazines, or books), you’ll no doubt have better opportunities at communicating to your target audience and delivering the value you aimed to offer them in the first place.

Finally, printed events collateral as a representation of your brand speaks volumes about your value and professionalism. It is a timeless way to advertise and ultimately, to scale the business.

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  1. Flyers and brochures are an effective tool for educating buyers on your value offer.

High-value products such as an automobile or a property don’t always convert at the first touch base of a potential buyer. When you meet a potential client at an expo or trade show, building rapport as well as answering questions backed by expertise and knowledge becomes very crucial.

But to aid such interactions and ensure effective business outcomes for both parties involved, printed marketing collateral such as automobile flyers or property brochures are great enhancements to their interaction with you, as they can provide clients with the information they needed to know before deciding on that purchase.

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  1. Printed event collateral facilitates greater reach and engagement – a very positive outcome for your brand.

The true impact of an event is determined not only by the total number of attendees who signed up or showed up on the day of the event itself but also, by the reach and engagement your event has created long after it is finished. These outcomes could only be made possible with printed event collateral in the hands of your target audience.

An event could last an hour, a day, or even up to a few days, but printed event collateral will often remain with them long after the event is over.

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If you have properly communicated your message on your flyers, brochures, or magazines, this could help build trust in your brand, turn happy attendees into loyal advocates, facilitate inquiries, deliver sales, and potentially grow the business. The mileage of any printed press material could be exceedingly long.

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